"Nova Star was made to remind humanity that we are not alone in the Universe.
There are more galaxies with advanced intelligent civilizations than grains of sand on the entire planet Earth."

Owned and created by Tommy Tejeda


The Story

I first thought of Nova Star in 2014 at the Burning Man festival at Black Rock City, Nevada (If don't know what that is click on the link below, most question you may have about that festival will be answer there)
I've decided to transport in style for the following year at Burning Man with something that would express in an artistic way my beliefs about extraterrestrial life. I was in shock that no one has ever done anything like it before. After being referred to Lucky 13 Creative who had the crew that was able to build it with me, I started to re-design and brainstorm how to bring my idea to life. It took a group of welders, mechanics and electricians to achieve that.
This art car was named after my
Sci Fi film in development.

I hope this art piece brings joy and awareness to generations to come.

BM 2018.jpeg

The Message

The message is simple. Extraterrestrials are very real. It's not an imaginary fantasy so get over it folks.
It's a "reality", it's here and it has been on this planet for a long time now.
The secrecy, controversy and disinformation about this complex and vast reality has been necessary for now to hide the truth that is in a minority's best interest to remain that way to keep in control of power. 
If the powers at be would admit or release the whole truth about this topic, the system will collapse in every level. Educate yourself about it, there's enough information from true experiencers out in the open. 
 Humanity it's at the brink of big upheavals that only a small minority is aware of.
Rest assure the present and the upcoming future holds the unavoidable truth about this topic.


Behind the Scenes

Nova Star started being constructed sometime in April 2015 and was 60% done and delivered by the end of Burning Man 2015. 
The process to get it done was exciting, full of joy, extensive and at the same time increasingly stressful and beyond over budget tours the completion deadline.
Eight months after the popular festival ended, some of the building crew resumed the final touches and eventually got it done by mid April 2016.
It went into small refurbishing of the interior and a complete do over of the electrical work  by Left Coast Electric.
Special thanks to the Art Car Garage
for the major upgrades and all the people that builded it, repaired it and put their hearts into it.
The vehicle is now gaining popularity and finally ready for the world to see, experience and enjoy.


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