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Believe it or not as self-explanatory this vehicle is, that's one of the most common questions. Nova Star is a recreational vehicle, what you call a mutant vehicle or an art car. Basically a golf cart that was mutated into a UFO. It was constructed over an industrial Taylor Dunn golf cart. Yes it drives! It is electric, equipped with four packs of 100ah lithium batteries, one just for the lights, ramp and dome. Also has an AC, an UE Megaboom bluetooth small portable speaker, and a portable generator powered by fuel that charges it if needed while driving. Three rows of programable LED lights on the exterior, head lights on the front and five Gobo projectors placed in a pentagonal formation around the vehicle with Crop Circles and Sacred Geometry images with the colors of the chacras. There's a ramp that lowers on the side for accessibility and the dome rises as well. The dome it's covered with grey vinyl wrap and it has 75% visibility from the inside. The dome will be one way mirror tinted in a near future. The interior it's a round seat so no matter where you seat, you are always facing the outside. It has a six passengers capacity including the driver. It comes with a dashboard with some controls for the ramp, dome and LED lights. It is equipped with a BMS (Battery Manager System) to measure the charged levels. It can be recharged by either plugging it in to a regular electrical outlet or it could be recharged with the generator onboard.
It weights 2700 pounds, it's 11 ft wide and it's 9 ft tall. 
And no, it doesn't fly...yet.
If you have any questions about the reasons why this was made, please go to the Home page of this website.